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Jagged Alliance Comeback on Kickstarter

By Mokman24-04-2013

Remember the new a short while back where Full Control stated that they intended to work on a new Jagged Alliance game, much to the delight of every single turn-based tactical strategy fan? Well, with its recent announcement on the actual game, Jagged Alliance: Flashback, and their Kickstarter page going up, I daresay it's just become official.

Included on the Kickstarter page is a brief description of what Jagged Alliance is to all the younger folks out there, a video showcasing what Full Control intends to make, and a list of features, including juicy mentioning’s of "Base Management", "Research", "Roleplaying", "Character attributes" and other terms to titillate your excitement.

Altogether, they need to raise approximately $350,000, a tall order, but definitely achievable with the support of gaming fans, especially those itching to play a new Jagged Alliance game. So what are you waiting for? Head over and contribute...NOW.

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Posts: 1317

"Our target platform is PC and the game will be available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux."

Ah, finally I can spend my money worry-free. When they said earlier that they wanted to make it "multiplatform", they apparently only meant PC, Mac and Linux. Good stuff.

Posts: 1548

In all these years an all those games played I never played any of Jagged Alliance. But the Base Management and Research bulletpoints have me very intrigued!