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JA Flashback Video About JA Flashback

By Mokman10-05-2013

Ever since Full Control took...control (sorry) of the Jagged Alliance franchise, fans old and new alike have been waiting with bated breath for the announced upcoming reboot - Jagged Alliance: Flashback. With its appearance on Kickstarter it has done decently for itself, but decently is unfortunately not enough. It's still nearly half short of its Kickstarter goal, unbelievably enough, and there's a mere 14 days left.

Thus explains the appearance of the above-linked video, which explains to people what exactly is Jagged Alliance to those uninitiated to its classic charms. There's also a short portion that has one of the developers talking about what exactly they plan to do with the Kickstarter funded game - though they still don't have much to show, wherein apparently lies the root of the problem. That's not to say that the devs been idle, since they've even managed to sign on Chris Camfield, a veteran of Jagged Alliance 2, stating that they are "extremely excited to have Chris on board as an advisor. He is able to not only answer how things were implemented, but why", as quoted by Thosmas Lund, CEO of Full Control.

Will Jagged Alliance: Flashback become a reality? Or is it going to be consigned eternally to the realm of what could have been? 14 more days, and we will know... Control the fate now by heading over to the Kickstarter page and funding it.

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