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It's Official - EA The Worst Company In America

By Bobfish10-04-2013

Unsurprisingly, Electronic Arts took the dubious honour of being voted worst company in America, hedging out their closest competitor Bank of America with a staggering 75% of the final votes. We've already touched on this, frankly, extremely asinine annual event, held by The Consumerist, when EA were put through to the semi-finals. As did their COO Peter Moore, who has since respond to the final score. Quite rightly pointing out that the whole affair is heavily slewed by the nature of their business versus most of their competitors.

Honestly, let's face it, EA have made some moronic decisions in the past. The recent SimCity and Dead Space 3 debacles being prime examples. And don't even get me started on the whole all games DLC nonsense. But worst company in America? Seriously?

Get some fucking perspective!

The Bank of America made some astronomical decisions in the last few years that did a hell of a lot more than just piss off some idle trolls lurking on message boards. Facing litigation proceedings that have run to $42billion over their mortgages that could have led to hundreds of people being made homeless, whilst EA released some shitty games and sucked on the post support. The two aren't even remotely comparable. Everyone who voted in this, everyone who sees this as some kind of reaffirming victor, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

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It's a poll in THE CONSUMERIST. I really am not surprised, it's not like an official voting. People reading a magazine named "The Consumerist" are consumerists. WHY should they care (or know anything) about Bank of America?

Posts: 1548

Greedy fuckwits are greedy fuckwits. If EA was the bank it wouldn't be better better company. Its just the nature of the business doesn't make them that harming to the surrounding environment.

Posts: 3290

EA suck, that's absolutely true. But, dude, being made homeless by greedy fuckwits is a hell of a lot worse than playing a shitty game. You have the option not to play the game. You can't just not be evicted because you want to

Posts: 1548

I head one good quote "people who think BoA is the worst don't have PC's (and homes) anymore"... :P
But EA really needs to be taught a lesson.

Posts: 3290

Is...it obvious this one got under my skin a wee bit?