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It's Not Terry's, It's Mine

By Bobfish27-02-2015

No longer content with merely spraying his, uhm, 'fear toxin' all over your face. The Scarecrow has gathered together a Rogues Gallery, including the titular Arkham Knight, to come and spray their fists and feet all over everyone's faces instead. Which makes you wonder why it's called "Arkham Knight" at all, if Doc Crane is the big bad. Plot twist! Scarecrow is being played. But that's okay, because so is Batman, by you. Well, probably, unless you don't get the game. But you know what I mean.

Along for the ride is a pretty diverse group of nasties including, of course, Harley Quinn, whi seems to be oddly placid about the loss of Mister J. I suppose burning hatred and a chance at revenge will do that to a girl. We're also seeing Two-Face, The Riddler, Penguin and Posion Ivy, all out to put Bats in the ground. So, still noit caught up to the comics huh? Most of them are now, well, if not heroes, at least law abiding. But eh, iconic characters and such. And a Batmobile with rocket launches that will help you in combat. Because...uhm, rockets don't kill people, rappers do?

I suppose we will find out when the game releases on July 5th of this year.

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