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Is Greta a Little Bit Late?

By Bobfish03-09-2013

Despite having been fully launched, patched several times, and becoming one of, if not the, most played online games of the moment. Those lovely people at Overkill are still advertising Payday 2. More accurately, we have the fifth chapter in their continuing web series. This time we follow the English femme fatale Greta, the assassin, as she buys some scones and a cup of Earl Grey tea for her darling gentleman friend. Just replace the scone with a high powered rifle, and the Earl Grey tea with a bullet to the face. We've also embedded the previous episode (below) as well, for those who missed it.

The curious thing, as I see it, is not so much that the series is continuing well past launch, but more the suden introiduction of a seemingly major character who...nobody knew anything about yet. It leads me to suspect she may well be making her way into the character roster at some point. We were promised, after all, a playable female character at some point in the future. But what do you think? Did I hit my mark, or is my spotter in need of an eye test?

Comments below.

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See, now, there's the thing. I'm not big on overly theatric 'look how good I am' Hollywood style acting. I want acting performances not to (yes, not to, not to not, it's an infinitive, look it up) feel like acting. I want it to feel like I'm watching real people having real conversations. And real people don't give award winning performances in every conversation they have.

Ergo, acting is dayum good.

In my books

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It's average, it's not bad, but it certainly ain't spectacular.

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People keep saying that. I honestly don't understand why everyone is hating on it so much

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It's a good idea and all but the acting makes me cringe...