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It's Getting Darkoutt There

By Bobfish28-11-2013

Wait, didn't we already get this? That's the one that was half finished and pretended to be already done wasn't it? Wait! That's already available what the f....no, that was Dark Matter.  This is Darkout, so simmer down and pay attention. Aye, it took me a moment to figure that one out as well. it's an easy mistake to make in some ways. On the surface, peripherally, they are somewhat similar. The general visual style and atmosphere are loosely comparative. But where the former was essentially a 2D corridor shooter, the latter, which we are here to talk about today, is a lot easier to describe as Minecraft in space...and 2D. So more, Terraria after it graduates.

I don't tend to like comparing one game/film/whatever to another in the "it''s like x" sense, but the similarities are pronounced this time. Darkout is clearly influenced heavily by both of those, and several other, rougelikeesque, world builder survival games. Where it is different is in the importance and emphasis on the interplay between light and shadow. Something which, finally, we can all experience for ourselves come December 4th. How interesting that this date is the day after the Steam Aumtun/Spring sale ends.

Fun fact, in Australia, it's actually Spring at the top and Autumn inverted: confirmed by our very own Fr33Lanc3r.007.


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