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It's a Scrappy Little Kickstarter

By Fr33Lanc3r.00730-11-2013

Scraps is an appropriate name for such a game, combining all the greatest hits from experiences found within madhouses such as Garry's Mod, where one throws together chunks of different game assets, ties them together with invisible rope, affixes rocket launchers to the fore and a couple of thrusters to the back, and then flies them about attempting to blow each other up. Well, now you get to do so, but instead in a 'real' game.

A physics-based game focused around constructing a car and then launching it through rolling green hills, blasting at one another, it seems like a blast both literally and figuratively - albeit with somewhat suspect graphics that makes it seem as if it really just came out of Garry's Mod. Still, with a plethora of surprising features, it champions the ideal of 'competitive creativity', which is always a good sign in a game.

Anyway if you wanna play around in the demo, here's the link. Although be warned, it is quite alpha. Go check out their Kickstarter too.

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