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By BloodyFanGirl19-11-2014

Not too long ago we reported on ESCAPE Dead Island, a spin-off that tries to bridge the gap between the zombie infested land mass' first two games. We described it as the story of Dead Rising within a game taking style notes from Suda51. The game follows journalist Cliff Calo as he attempts to uncover what exactly happened in the Banoi archipelago. This entry within the series has a psychological aspect as Cliff is "haunted by deja-vu" and has "to make sense of it all throughout the entire game – again and again."

The launch trailer is here and the game will rise up on the 18th of November in North America. It will be available for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. You can check out the official website here, the Twitter here and the Facebook here.

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And we got our review coodes. Woo!

Cel shading ftw