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“It Just Won’t Die!”

By BloodyFanGirl17-11-2014

Fatshark Games have begun releasing gameplay trailers for the Dead Island spin-off, Escape Dead Island. As revealed in previous story trailers, we play as journalist Cliff Clao, a man who wants to find out what happened on the titular island of dead and "get the story off the island." The thing is, he's not sure if he himself will be able to get off the island and, on top of that, things have started to get...surreal.

And that's reflected in the gameplay trailers at some points, with various objects seeming as though to say "screw gravity."

With the game's journalist protagonist, comparisons to Dead Rising are obvious to make. But, as previously mentioned, visually this game is very stylised and bears a striking resemblance to the comic-book inspired art direction so prominent in Suda51's games. Take a look for yourself.

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We really must get review codes for this. I have to play this game!