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It Follows Dying Light

By zethalee14-08-2015

Crossbows, SMGs, and dune buggies, oh my! There all that and more coming in The Following, the first major expansion for Dying Light, revealed at Gamescom and accompanied by a trailer today. Trading the claustrophobic heights of Old Town and the Slums for a more open gameplay experience set in rolling hills and the open country, dotted with manmade structures. It would seem as though the expansion is set to make good use of the co-op feature, with simple minigames and other shared experiences coming alongside The Following.

As far as the story content itself goes, you're stepping into the role of one Kyle Crane yet again, as you investigate the existence and nature of a mysterious cult. There's no indication of where this takes places in the overall story, if not after, but it might provide some further character development for our hero. The Following is going to be priced at 14.99 USD, but if you've purchased the season pass, you will receive it for free upon its eventual release.

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Posts: 1317

Considering that it's FREE for owners of the season pass, I'm not gonna expect it to be more than a few hours of actual gameplay. But it does look bloody awesome. I mean, the new campaign, the buggies and the crossbow alone make for interesting content. But a brand new play area as well? That's just downright impressive compared to most DLCs these days. This looks more like a proper expansion.

Posts: 223

YES!! This looks soooo good. Dying Light was a brilliant game, what it did lack, for me personally, was once the story was done, I had no real desire to keep the game installed. This will definitely be worth a re-download!