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It’s Their Turn Now

By breadbitten12-12-2013

Well folks Torment: Tides of Numenera's great battle for settling the...uhh...battle system has finally ended, and the winner is - TURN BASED!!!

As someone who's been enjoying games such as Civilization V and XCOM: Enemy Within lately, I cannot stress how goddamn exciting it is! Leaving the decision up to the community, inXile recently announced a winner in a lengthy post addressing the community in the game's Kickstarter page. Apparently the decision was split into a 50-50 and the developers decided to go with turn-based anyway, a decision which rightly irked half of all those who voted.

An excerpt from the post reads:

"We have decided to go with turn-based combat. Ultimately, there are no losers here. This is all part of the process of making an RPG we are all passionate about and we think you'll like Torment's combat even if you voted for RTwP. While we have not been looking forward to disappointing half of our backers, we were happy to find that many of the reasons people gave for disliking TB and preferring RTwP can be addressed through the details of our combat system and encounter design. I'd like to go over some of the more common comments we saw either for RTwP or against TB and explain how we will address them."

It further details some common complaints regarding turn based battle systems and attempts to assure fans of how the game plans on tackling them, for example...

Comment #2: Turn-Based combat can break immersion

"Immersion" is a tricky term that can mean a lot of things, but generally this comment is referring to the jarring sense a player gets when they're walking through a town and suddenly the whole world stops because, say, a feral dog saw them coming down the street.

Again, this isn't what we're going to do. In general, we don't plan to "surprise" you with a Crisis. Through the design of the areas and the pacing of the game, you'll know when and where combat is a possibility. The situation will feel tense and in some cases, you will be explicitly initiating the Crisis. This doesn't mean we won't ever ambush you, of course, but if we do, it will be very deliberate and not an arbitrary event.

We get that you don't want to be pulled out of the game in this way and we'll look for ways to keep you in control and prevent Crises from disrupting the normal flow of the game.

That said, Torment isn't an action game. Real time doesn't pass in conversations, for example – you have as much time as you want to decide your choice. And while exploration occurs in real-time, it won't include twitch elements. All of your decision-making throughout the game will consistently be free from real-time considerations. Torment is a game about thinking and deliberation and will not have any actual time pressure, so turn-based combat will maintain a more consistent feel.

As a fan of taking turn in EVERYTHING, this makes me very happy. [Smileyface]

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