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Is Your Body Ready?

By Bobfish27-11-2013

It's time folks, Gaben has decreed it. All your wallet are belong to Steam. They snuck that one by us pretty darned efficiently actually. They're also going out of their way to really headfook us. See, it's the inverted Spring sale...in Autumn.

Uhm, wut?

Steam sale.

Shut up and take my money.


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Posts: 3290

Yeah, I've bought...a tiny bit more than that

Posts: 596

Got some DLC for Killing Floor and Papers Please. Also wanted Prison Architect but want to wait till its out of alpha to buy it. Saints Row 4 was tempting but just a bit too expensive to my tastes

Posts: 3290

So how many games have you bought so far? :p

Posts: 1548

No its not (body not ready)! Leave my wallet alone Steam!