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Is Cole the Prey or Predator?

By Toast26-07-2013

With an update from our Bureau agent Ennis Cole (or Dominic Monaghan), we last saw that he was running after a drunken affair as the sirens went off where he was type writing, we didn't quite know why he was running, until now. He's been ordered to chase down a bogey that's been spotted, reporting back to his supposed commander in charge. Chasing the thing he sees, it turns out it isn't what he thinks, and finds out there's a surprise waiting to greet him right behind him, the hunter becomes the hunted so-to-speak. We're then left with a black screen with a gun shot heard, but from whom? That is the question!

...Stay tuned in for more I guess? Regardless if there will be a follow up, remember that the upcoming release for the latest XCOM is August 23rd.


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