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Ironsights in Yer DOOM

By Toast21-07-2013

Yo dawg we heard you like iron sights so we're putting some ironsights in yer Doom dawg. Yes, you haven't gone crazy, but maybe I have. A modder known as adamclare87 has produced a rather interesting modification for Doom in the form of using iron sights as well as converting and improving some other things within the game. He's spiced up the art style of the game a little to make it look better, and jazzed up the soundtrack to produce a more metallic version of the classical soundtrack, think of it as an overhaul or re-imagining of the first doom.

Does this mod tickle your fancy? Well if it does then you need to know you can't aim down the sights just yet as the mod is still in its beta phase, however there is a 4 level demo to get a taste of the mod, if anyone is interested, or if you have a crazed obsession with aiming down the sight soldier.


Doom    id Software  Mod 
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Posts: 1548

Hey Bob, I like ironsights!

Posts: 3290

Because that's exactly what DOOM needs. To look more like Call of Duty

Posts: 1548

Haha, ironsights are probably useless but it makes Doom looks cool and modern.