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Investigate Adventure Time’s Newest Game

By ElderCub28-04-2015

Is it adventure time? Not quite yet, but here this. There's a new Adventure Time game coming out this November. Explore the land of Ooo in a fully 3D environment, unlike any game has captured before in "Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations". Here, Finn and Jake act on their parents' career choices and decide themselves that they will become professional investigators, solving problems in the land of Ooo. With strange disappearances and unravelling events, you may just be kept at the edge of your seat, wanting more. With swift combat and dastardly puzzling, Investigators aims to drop you right into an episode of Adventure Time, and it's all I've ever dreamed. Filled to the brim with all the characters you've come to know and love, you may even see an homage to another heroin duo.

Matt Scott, CEO of Little Orbit had this to say: "We received a lot of fan feedback asking us to bring our next Adventure Time game to next generation consoles in 3D, and we're thrilled to be delivering that and a lot more. This new game is a complete departure from previous Adventure Time games. We have created an intriguing classic adventure game set in a richly-detailed 3D Land of Ooo where players can check out Land of Ooo locales, talk to characters, sharpen their creative puzzle-solving skills, defeat bad guys and just have fun."

Pete Yoder, VP of Cartoon Network also commented: "A large part of the charm of Adventure Time is the incredibly creative and expansive world of characters that live in the Land of Ooo and combine to create a really unique story and connection. In Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations, Vicious Cycle has developed a game that truly immerses players into that world and offers fans a 3D gaming experience unlike anything we've ever done."

I have to agree with them both, Adventure Time has a lot of creativity build into it and now, with what we've seen so far, now there's a huge opportunity to capitalize on exactly what makes Adventure Time what it is. Push beyond the realm of what TV can offer and bring about a great case for how these kinds of games can do wonders, and bring enchanting experiences to everyone.

Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations has been announced for a November 2015 release on for PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, and 3DS. Follow @littleorbit on Twitter or Little Orbit Games on Facebook for updates. And keep up with us of course, there's always new cases coming in, and nothing you want to miss.

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