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Invade the Remake

By MrJenssen17-03-2014

It seems Swedish Magicka devs Arrowhead Studios have their hands full for the time being. Not only are they in the process of making a downloadable cooperative isometric arcade shoot-em-up called Helldivers that is PlayStation exclusive, but they are also making a downloadable cooperative isometric... wait a second, let me just check that again. Nope! I didn't make a mistake. Arrowhead are currently working on TWO downloadable cooperative isometric arcade games. One of them is the PS-exclusive Helldivers, and the other is a remake of the Atari Arcade classic Gauntlet from the now defunct Midway Games.

In this remake - published by Warner Bros' newly established WB Games Vault which will focus on publishing downloadable games - you and up to three buddies take on the role of the warrior, wizard, elf and valkyrie, who must crawl through dungeons, loot and kill everything that moves or shines or otherwise seems interactive. According to a new press release from Warner Bros, it'll combine the arcade style from the classic 1985 arcade version, with a new look and more stuff to do.

Gauntlet is set for release on Steam sometime this summer.

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Oh man. This brings back memories.

Good show guys, damn good show