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Interstellar Marines: Prologue

By Bis18marck7029-10-2012

’First Contact’ is perhaps a theme that has been seen in many a game and movie, but it still holds a queer sense of fascination with us humans, I mean, it’s not every day we can meet an alien so the questions whether we are going to shoot their gooey brains out or shake hands if one best asked afterwards. However, how do we prepare ourselves for the moment when we first get that blink on our radar from some non-human ship entering our galaxy? Well, perhaps Interstellar Marines: Prologue will shed some light on it.

After being Greenlit on Steam, the project is now on Kickstarter, the developers are aiming for a $600.000 turnout to make it happen. Their little site is quiet impressive and informative, even though the video once again is as cheesy as with all the other Kickstarters, offering a score of information and some try able ‘test’ games which were produced by Zero Point Software, the men and women behind this project.

The game is said to feature diverse, combat training, first person simulations, tactical co-op and a progressive Role-playing system with all the other things, such as a realistic AI and customizable arsenal, we are used to from AAA titles. Noteworthy of this title is, that it is said to come in four parts, with this being only the first in the series. As the second installment is already named ‘First Contact’, I doubt whether we will see any bizarre creatures just yet but this just makes it even more intriguing.

It certainly is worth having a look at.

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My only fear is that the only enemy in game will be those mutant sharks.