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Intense Magic Battles!!

By eremeticskeptic17-03-2014

The Theocrat class isn't the first religious class available in Age of Wonders III, but that doesn't tarnish how awesome it can be. Early on in this gameplay trailer, we see how the Theocrat can easily brush aside ELDRITCH HORRORS of all things. I don't know about you, but even as someone that hasn't played Age of Wonders III (I totally will now though), that absolutely screams awesome to me. Gameplay videos for the game really do show exactly how things can go in game, and seem to be very accurate to gameplay, which makes this Theocrat class even more awesome – performs exactly as advertised, and as advertised is cool as heck.

The strategy shown in the video really explains how to best utilize the Theocrat while managing to engage you in the game. As someone that hasn't played the game, I found this tantalizing (as evidenced by me stating that I plan on playing it now). I'm a big nerd for religious based characters though, so it makes sense that I'd be all over this. Seems like a turn based game I can get behind.

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