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Intel Won’t Stop Making Socketable CPU

By SavageOcto07-12-2012

Last week we reported that Intel may be planning on combining the motherboard and CPU into one. Though we also stated that the logistics and legality of the product was questionable, the internet kept on about it. So much so that Intel has come out to say that they won’t stop support for socketed CPUs any time soon.

“Intel remains committed to the growing desktop enthusiast and channel markets, and will continue to offer socketed parts in the LGA package for the foreseeable future for our customers and the enthusiast DIY market”, Intel spokesman Daniel Snyder told Maximum PC. While the prospect of a soldered CPU to motherboard is on the table, at least it doesn’t mean the end of making your own PC. Maximum PC goes into more detail, showing plenty of reasons why it wouldn’t be a good idea for Intel or AMD to stop making socketed CPUs. For now, at least, we can all breathe a sigh of relief.


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Good news indeed

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thank god for that. They had me worried.