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Insurgency's First Content Update Is a Big One

By MrJenssen21-03-2014

I'm not even going to try and hide it; I love Insurgency. It's currently my go-to multiplayer shooter, as it perfectly blends fast-paced action with teamwork and tactics. Although it offers a fantastic package for a low price the way it is now, more content is always welcome. And as promised, two months after release, Insurgency gets its first content update.

So, what's inside? The announcement is rather vague, but a few details are easy to pick out. First of all, there are two new maps. One of these is an improved version of 'Buhriz' that Insurgency beta-testers are already familiar with. The other is yet to be revealed, but it's likely either the improved version of 'Uprising', or a completely new map altogether. The video embedded above shows some gameplay from the new and improved Buhriz, on the altered 'Strike' game mode.

"The gameplay video also features changes to the Strike game mode (formerly known as Search & Destroy). There is now only one life for each team, and the attackers must destroy one cache from three possible locations. Since the round was quite intense, I forgot to check the round timer and time ran out, so we lost! It was fun regardless."

A big part of the update is the improved Co-Op. The AI will supposedly be more responsive, and will act more realistically. They'll even throw grenades and fire off the occasional RPG. The level-design has also been tweaked to make Co-Op feel more like a procedural thing, where you're not just dropped into a squared multiplayer map with bots, but instead get the feeling that you're gradually clearing a hostile environment.

But of course, the update wouldn't be called "Molotov Spring" for no reason. There is a reason, and it's exactly that. Molotovs inbound! The video way down at the bottom of this page showcases some cooperative gameplay, which gives a good idea of the improved level design, AI behaviour, and the effectiveness of molotovs.

But wait, there's more! Though the devs themselves haven't revealed any specifics yet, hints around the game's forums make it pretty clear that two weapons will also be heading our way with the content patch. Rumors have it that those will be the FN FAL and M-14 for the Insurgents and Security respectively. A few attachments are also included, like an 3.4x Elcan scope, as shown in the video embedded at the top here. There may even be an underslung grenade launcher, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. The devs have promised to reveal more information in the coming days.

The content patch is set to release sometime next week, and will be completely free of charge. Up until the release of the patch, the devs will be hosting games games through the game's beta branch on Steam, around 5PM Pacific - that's around midnight, GMT.

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