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Inquisitive Dragons

By Bobfish24-03-2014

We have some very, very purdy new images for the third title in the Dragon Age series. The one we're fairly confident (but also fervently hoping) won't suck. What we've seen so far is inspiring, and these new images are no different. They appear to have been leaked from...somewhere, so the quality isn't the best you'll come across, but there are still more than clear enough to give us a good look at how things are progressing.

Pretty darn good akshully.

Temper your enthusiasm with a healthy dose of scepticism, but if genuine, they show more of what we want to see. Dragons, lots of dragons, and some pretty swish lighting and shadows too. The colour balance is a little oversaturated, but again, these are unofficial images and that is more than likely due to them being scans(?) or having been...'acquired' from a third party. So ignoring that, it's easy to look past and see a damn fine looking game underneath.

Which leaves us with only one thing to say.

Hey BioWare. Don't screw it up this time!

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Whoa, whoa, whoa...you like Mass Effect 3?

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ME1 & DA1 - An awesome game with a great new IP!
ME2 & DA2 - One step forward, two steps back.
ME3 & DA3(?) - Damn near perfect.

Here's hoping they stick with their pattern.