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Infinity Ward Ensures Dedication to Dedicated Servers

By Toast23-08-2013

Call of Duty: Ghosts is confirmed to have dedicated servers, not only for PC but for consoles too. But it is re-assuring that we're still getting them in some form or another. NowGamer had a chat with Mark Rubin from Infinity Ward about the dedicated services. "Basically the overall reasoning behind it all is we're always updating the games, even whether the community knows it or not,"

He also reveals plans on deploying updates while people are playing the game, basically serverside updates that happen behind the scenes while playing simultaneously. "We're making changes that they don't know about because we want to see the changes happen without [affecting] peoples sort of free perceptions on what they think has happened, so sometimes we stealth in changes to design and see how they react."

Mark finally finishes off by stating "dedicated servers is definitely one of those things that we think will help. It's not the silver bullet, but I think it's something that keeps in our philosophy of always trying to make the game experience better." We certainly hope so, we don't want a repeat of Modern Warfare 2's Matchmaking system epidemic which forced peer hosting, not to mention no vote kicking system or tools to deal with hackers other than Valve's VAC system.

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Posts: 596

Dedicated servers... but I have fears it will be like in MW3 where there are dedi servers but unranked and completely shit (poor netcode, and very odd game bugs that were only on the dedicated servers and not on the P2P ranked modes...)

I have hopes for Ghosts but I know Activision and I know Infinity Ward, as a result, I have a feeling in my gut that still Ghosts will suck on PC and that this dedicated server promise is just all smoke and daggers to trick consumers into buying a product they don't actually want and won't enjoy once they have it (on PC).

Posts: 351

Meh CoD is a dead franchise for me. I am ready for Titanfall!

Posts: 1317

If I were buying the game, I'd be happy to hear this.

Posts: 267

I'm also interested in custom servers. It doesn't matter if some maps are "designed" only for 20 players, some are still very fun with 40 and more.