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Infinite Space 3 Wants You To Kickstart It!

By JcDent05-04-2013

Seattle, according to all sorts of media, is the prime Soviet invasion spot. So what can its people do faced with the looming prospect of Best Korean paratropers lading in their back yard? How about dreaming of escape to the starts?

Digital Eel, a small (think "two people" small) game developer from said city, has been doing just that. While they have made other games, the most important ones are Strange Adventures in Infinite Space and its awesome sequel Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space. Those games were space roguelikes: take your ship into a randomly generated universe, do exploration and battle, die. Flying between the stars was turn based while battles unfolded in real time. It was also very pretty and rich in character.

And now a sequel, called Infinite Space 3: Sea of Stars, is in the works. Aside from the gameplay elements we all know and love, it will have:

  • 3D visuals - not sure if that's an improvement
  • A Living universe - fleets and NPCs will fly around with their own goals, how will you deal with them? (probably by running away)
  • Real Space Stations - they're no longer just trade ports, now you may have to attack or defend them
  • Technology will advance - this means new, bigger ships, which is never a good sign in Infinite Space
  • ...and more!

The game will be fully and easily moddable, because Digital Eel ain't no EA.

So go to their Kickstarter page and donate, donate, donate!

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