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Infernal Affair

By Bobfish05-03-2013

Capcom, oddly, seem to have listened to at least some small part of their consumer base and have decided to update Resident Evil Revelations (the port, not the original 3DS version, though that would be pretty awesome too) with a new 'Infernal' difficulty. Which, they claim, is 'nigh impossible' and will feature new enemy placement (as well as new enemy types it seems) as well as new item placements. Something akin to the very first game's Director's Cut then, but without needing to buy a new disc. Or buy anything, it's a free add-on...which makes me suspicious. Check it out, it does actually look deliciously gruelling. Then head on down to the comments below, where I'll give extra Brownie points to anyone who gets the reference in the title.

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