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Indivisible Begins Its Indiegogo Campaign

By drcoolio34506-10-2015

Indivisible, a game that's mixing Super Metroid with Valkyria Profile (a side-scrolling JRPG) a being developed Lab Zero, creators of SkullGirls, has just begun its Indiegogo campaign with a funding goal of 1.5 million dollars.

Indivisible plans to be a RPG featuring Lab Zero's trademark bizarre characters, hand-drawn art style, and fighting game core mechanics. So far what we know is that Ajna, the main character, can use fighting styles with weapons like the axe, the bow, the spear, and others with the help of the incarnations that she's absorbed into herself. These incarnations can also count as party members that can come in like assists and help you combo enemies just like in a fighting game. You can read all about it at their Indiegogo page.

Of course, it's better to learn what Indivisible plans to be by playing it rather than reading about it, which is why Lab Zero has put out this playable prototype build of the game for Windows that you can download right now.

The final product is planned for release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and will run on Lab Zero's Z-engine, the same engine they used to build SkullGirls, so you can expect lots of animated sprite art and fighting game mechanics.

Lab Zero's SkullGirls came out of left-field a couple years ago and totally blew people away with its innovation and art-style, so there's a lot of hope surrounding Lab Zeroes next game. With $85,000 contributed to the campaign within the first 12 hours, it's likely that Indivisible will get fully funded and maybe even hit some stretch goals, so this is a campaign (and a good game) you can put your faith into.

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