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Incoming Crysis 3 MP Beta

By NeonAnderson24-01-2013

The multiplayer beta for Crysis 3 will be starting on January the 29th across all platforms, including the PC! This is indeed great news for Crysis fans, especially as the beta will be open to all.

"With Crysis 3 we are delivering the deepest, most robust Crysis multiplayer experience yet," said Cevat Yerli, CEO of Crytek. "We have listened closely to our fans and have evolved the multiplayer in Crysis 3 by adding a host of new gameplay features including the unique Hunter mode, deadly new weapons like the Predator bow, deeper loadout and unlock options, enhanced upgrade systems and more social features like the New York Feed. Top it all off with the ultimate weapon in the Nanosuit and you have a multiplayer experience that is unlike anything else out there."

The beta will run from the 29th of January through till February 12th and will feature two of the eight game modes that will be available in the final product. The two modes included in the beta will be Crash Site and Hunter mode. In Crash Site, players must secure specific locations to earn points, thus a form of King of the Hill. While the new Hunter mode will have two players fighting against fourteen. In this mode, the two hunters will be armed with an enhanced Nanosuit and the Predator bow. The fourteen players will play as CELL troopers and must fight to stay alive; when a CELL trooper is killed, he becomes another hunter. The beta will also include two maps for players to play on, namely Airport and Museum; the full game will include twelve maps total.

In addition to these, the beta will also showcase the new social feature that Crysis 3 MP will have, coined the "New York Feed", it will display accomplishments and challenges between friends allowing them to keep track of what their gaming buddies are up to, while also allowing them to compete between each other. The features in the beta do not end there though. The beta will also already include the Pinger, an alien tripod war machine, as well as the "Rip & Throw" mechanic. This mechanic allows players to use objects from the environment as weapons and shields.

Those who want to can also pre-order the game before launch to receive an automatic upgrade to the Crysis 3 Hunter Edition and a free copy of Crysis for the PC, Xbox 360 or PS3. The Hunter Edition includes a special Nanosuit module, the Predator bow with all its upgrades instantly unlocked and a XP booster that lasts until level 5. It also includes a unique Predator bow skin and three exclusive dog tags.

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