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In the Story of Mordor

By Bobfish12-07-2014

Troy Baker, voice of Talion, and Christian Cantamessa, Mordor's Lead writer, sat down for a quick chat recently, giving us a tantalising glimpse into how the new game has been created. Narratively speaking. And when I say brief, I mean extremely brief. Clocking in at only two and a half minutes, it may seem like nothing more than a "hey, look at this!" moment, but you'd be surprised how much you can actually learn in such a brief interval.

Baker is best known for his portrayal of Joel in The Last of Us, a game which needs no introduction even amongst the PC crowd. And whilst my issues with that particular game are not insignificant, even I will not deny he did an incredible job of bringing the character to life. Leaving me in no doubt that Talion, if nothing else, will be a charismatic and memorable character. Cantamessa, on the other hand, has lent his not at all insignificant writing skills to, amongst other things, Rockstar's wild west opus Red Dead Redemption. So yeah, this game is in good hands.

No further explanation necessary.

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