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In The Navy!

By MrJenssen29-08-2013

I tell you, my journalistic integrity is almost all but gone by now, and I'm dangerously close to becoming a Black Flag fanboy. The latest iteration in the Assassin's Creed series looks better every time we get it in our sights.

In this new video, we're treated to some gameplay showing how enemy forts are dealt with in Black Flag. To sum it up, forts behave very similar to the outposts of Ubisoft's smash hit Far Cry 3. Each region of the caribbean sea will have one fort guarding it. Taking out this will make it yours, protecting against enemy ships and serving as a hideout for you and your crew. Taking them out can get intense though, as you'll first need to take out the forts' towers and any ships guarding them before you jump ship, swim in land and take care of the leader of the guards for a final victory.

If you ever enjoyed a moment of any of the former AC games, you'll want to see this trailer. Man, I feel like I keep saying that every time they release a new trailer for this game...

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