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In Space, Only You Can Hear Them Scream

By zethalee24-04-2014

By asking you what it's like to be viscerally present in the action, yet wholly detached, Salvaged seems set to make good use of modern technology to create an otherwise impossible game.  By controlling the action via a mobile device, or simulating a second screen on the PC itself, you direct your team around various randomly generated levels, all the while collecting experience and items designed to further your team's development. 

Speaking to Salvaged's various influences on the developer's Kickstarter page, Opposable Games acknowledges titles such as XCOM, Frozen Synapse, and the 1993 version of Space Hulk (here’s the new one) as some of the many inspirations behind the game.  With permadeath, persistent squad progression, and the risks associated with higher value salvage, players will be forced to weigh the lives of their squad against a chance at an even higher payday. 

Opposable Games is also aware that the attention-grabbing power that introducing a second screen can have, and is currently working on developing technology that ensures the game is enjoyable and engaging.  Regardless, it will be interesting to see how the game development shapes up in the next few months, and how it plays out!

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