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In-Home Streaming Spotted in Steam Beta Update

By NAG3LT17-10-2013

One of the important features of Valve's recently announced SteamOS is the ability to stream games over the local network. While people without gaming PCs may consider beefy Steam Machines as an option, it is not an appealing investment to play in the living room for PC gamers with powerful rigs they already have. For those cases, as well as due to smaller game library on Linux, Valve also plans to promote small Steam Machines for streaming games to TV from the another PC.

When it comes to SteamOS features, Valve has promised to make those not just OS exclusive features, but Steam client features as well. Unofficial site Steam Database found the traces of the streaming feature in the latest Steam Beta update. There is a hidden option of "In-Home Streaming" in settings. Currently only the basic functionality seems to work, however Steam does not allow log-in from several accounts at the same time at the moment, so it is problematic to test if the streaming itself has been implemented already. It will be interesting to see when this feature becomes available as a wider beta and how well it works.


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