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In Case You Had No Clue What Battlefield Is All About...

By MrJenssen12-11-2013

Hey, kids! Want to try out some video games? Here are two great videos showcasing what Battlefield 4 is all about, in case you've never touched an electronic video game apparatus in your entire life! Embedded above is a video detailing the various vehicles. Did you know that cars are considered light compared to tanks? Did you know that water-vehicles can drive on the water? No, really! They can! These things called planes and helicopters supposedly even float in the air by use of some sort of magic! Although that last one needs to be confirmed, I've never seen such a thing in my life, personally.

The second video, embedded below, is a little more useful. It showcases the game modes on offer in Battlefield 4, including the standard ones you've been playing for years already, but also some new ones. Obliteration and Domination are among these, which are basically modifications of various game modes you've seen in other games. Like Call of Duty. Which Battlefield is totally not trying to be.

It's much easier to just watch these videos to get a good idea of what the game is like, isn't it? Rather than reading reviews, I mean. But then again, the promotional video isn't going to tell you anything about how unplayable the game can be at times. Something our otherwise positive review does. Anyway, check out the videos! Get pumped! ...But you might want to hold off on buying the game for now, if you haven't already. It's seriously quite buggy.

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