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In a World of Dangerous Chairs

By MatthewJMimnaugh19-11-2013

Sui Generis, by a new team of devs going by the name of Bare Mettle Entertainment, is an upcoming open world RPG.  That sounds fairly generic, sure, but Sui Generis is about as generic as its name.  For one, the game has a "realistic combat system," which, as you can see from the video above, looks about as Hollywood as your average LARP battle.  Nevertheless, that is sort of the point and it is really freaking compelling.  So far as the video indicates, the combat is intuitive and based on more than just pressing the attack and block buttons, requiring mouse positioning as well.

Other interesting aspects include the physics system, which, as anyone who has seen the video remembers, includes the player character tripping over a chair and then replacing it under the table.  Loot is also done in a refreshingly persistent way, making items part of the world and giving the player the ability to manipulate the surroundings to their aesthetic desire.  Thaumaturgic magic also plays a part, this not based on traditional player experience, but actually defeating enemies; honestly, though, the blink in the video seems more than a bit OP.  Beyond that, the game is chock full of interesting and compelling features, liable to catch any RPG-er's attention.  Release is set for May 2014, with early access available to the Kickstarter donors.   Not a donor?  No problem!  Bare Mettle Entertainment has opened up avenues for post-Kickstarter contribution, allowing people to get in on the action early; it even allows Kickstarters to upgrade their previous contribution to a better tier.

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