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In a New State

By Bobfish12-02-2014

Undead Labs Sanya (the same one I interviewed) posted an update about the future state of State of Decay's state of being in a  state...too many states? Not even close, because the state of the state is in a state. Or, in understandable words that don't make a complete state of madness in your brain because we're being so obtuse...there's a new map coming!

The upcoming DLC, titled Lifeline, will launch on both the 360 and our beloved PC at the same time. Though no clear date is available at this time, past experience has shown us that Undead Labs don't like to talk about things until they have them in a position they are comfortable with, so I'd be inclined to expect it sooner rather than later. As for what else is included...that will just have to remain a mystery for now. So check back soon, we will most certainly be keeping an eye on this.

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Posts: 1317

Pretty sure they've had plenty of requests for it.

Posts: 3290

So get on to them about it. Won't take but a moment to comment on their site. Sanya's real friendly and approachable

Posts: 1317

Would LOVE some more variables! More mission types and stuff.