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Imagine a New Earth New Disasters

By zethalee28-04-2014

With the Earth having been ravaged by corporations seeking massive profits, will you be able to lead humanity to a new future among the stars? Or will you succumb to the lure of riches yourself? Such are the questions at the core of Imagine Earth: Planetary Colonization, a world-sim game currently in development by Serious Brothers.

Looking similar to a more real-time version of Civilization's city management, with the ever-present danger of Sim City-style disasters, there's not much enjoyment to be had by sending meteors through the local shopping mall, and watching the fire department haplessly trying to extinguish the flames.  No, here, there are tradeoffs to every energy solution; by setting up a nuclear power plant, you may be able to acquire more energy for your city, but the risk of nuclear waste being released into the environment comes into play.  Put up a coal-powered plant, and greenhouse gases start melting the ice caps, which may flood your city. 

With only five days to go in the game's funding campaign, and the title already receiving some interest from the indie gaming press, this environmentally-conscious title may very well prove to generate news in the months to come.

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New Earth Disasters? Soviet Ukraine!