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Ilomilo Plus Released on Windows 8

By Merc07-12-2012

Ilomilo is a successful XBLA game, and will now be on Windows 8, but as a plus version. You can only get it on Windows 8 store, and it will be $6.99. There will also be an updated version on XBLA. In this updated version of the game you will get an extra two characters, additional creatures, new cubes, more chapters and support for keyboard, touchscreen and gamepad control schemes.

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Posts: 351

Yeah I dont really see this as being a big thing, it was a good game but nothing spectacular.

Posts: 32

I remember that Ilomilo also got a release on the Windows 7 phone if I'm correct. Doesn't seem to have made a big splash in the mainstream.

On the other hand I'm glad some XBLA titles are making it to windows, but wish they would be supported on 7 as well.