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I'll Make An Engineer Out Of You

By JcDent11-08-2013

Battlefield 3 has been out for a long long time, yet somehow EA is making Boot Camp videos about playing it and not being a noob. It's strange, but knowing what we know about Battlefield 4, it's still probably fitting.

So, the Engineer. He's the basic anti-armor/AA trooper of the squad - the only other option is to plaster a jeep with C4 as Support - and as such has to engage such targets. I'll just comment on a few points from the video.

Mines should be hidden from sight. Small craters, blastmarks, rubble - anything. If a tank spots it, it will blow it up and get 40 points (because you were an idiot and placed 4 of them in line). Other classes will blow them up too - to save their team mates, to get more points and to spite engineers.

SMAW and the RPG are the poor man's (read: low level players) anti armor option. Like the video says, target the back side of tanks, because hits on the front just make you lose faith in your own abilities. Also, SMAW is provides absolutely no fun feedback when firing.

Javelin is awesome, especially when you use it to blow up jeeps plastered with C4. I think it can also lock on to planes that Recon marked with laser.

The Torch is probably the most important tool you have. Not only does it fix vehicles, it's a potent melee weapon - one that lets you melee tanks. Just don't do that from the back or the front, since they can and will ride over you. Also, if you're lucky, the driver will hop out to see what's happening, so you can kill him, repair the tank and blast his buddies with your new prize.

Due to prevalence of Flares, it's really hard to use MANPADS (the most stupid military acronym ever) to take down helos and jets (especially since the latter can fly out of ranke pretty fast), but you should still do it, especially if you can force premature ECMulation. Remember: it's really hard to fly helos and jets, so chances are that your team mates can't provide a clear airspace. It's up to you to keep the team of idiots safe from, say, unkillable attack choppers.

I wish they made a video solely about Support and plastering C4 on jeeps (it's awesome!)

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I've been wondering about that. My guess is that, in the last video, they'll say something like "and this is all you need to know to get you up and running in Battlefield 4'. It's the only reason, I can think of, they'd do something like this now

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Two years late.

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Oh, wait, I didn't know about pointing the turret an getting out of the tank!

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I expected to hear some juicer things. Now he is just stating the obvious!