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If You Fail Once Row, Row Again…Fruitlessly

By breadbitten29-07-2013

Well it happened again folks. The Australian Classification Board reaffirmed their decision to refuse Voltion's upcoming Saints Row IV classification. The reason? Once again it's that the game contains a mechanic that incentivizes drug intake with in-game rewards and boosts. Volition is currently keeping themselves busy with making a reworked version of Saints Row IV, listed as the "Low Violence" version, which one hopes will be able to penetrate the pig-thick skins of those crotchety old curmudgeons in the ACB.

One wonders if the Australian people's struggle for the ACB to include the R18+ rating for games was all for naught. Sound off below.

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Ehh, I've said before that there are ways around the ban (which I encourage people to use, particularly if the ban involves storylines or plot elements) for those living in Australia.
Of course, I've never really felt any drive to play SR4, so it doesn't affect this Aussie much at all.

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Well, now we know why they're upside down, get it?

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Merc, the high chance of getting skin cancer might also have been a tad annoing if you lived in Australia. :P

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My government is populated by a bunch of socialist morons, but that doesn't mean they're SO retarded that they think videogames about spewing poop at people from a sewage truck is somehow gonna turn people into mass murderers.

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Wow this is the only thing I would hate about living in Australia.

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I think it's because the government is still populated by people above that certain age threshold that refuses to believe that games aren't just for children anymore.

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I love how the Aussie government seem to think that kids and teenagers (and even adults) will look upon Saints Row 4 as a sort of role-model for how people should live. Yeah...