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If FarCry 3 Was Real

By StuntmanLT26-10-2012

If trailers with lush digital environments and psychopathic antagonists aren’t enough for you, Ubisoft will give you live action FarCry 3 island survival experience with Christopher Mintz-Plasse from Superbad and Kick-Ass.

Ubisoft puts Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad, Kick-Ass) to the test - can he survive the ruthless wilderness of a savage island? Find out in this exclusive live action series. Watch Christopher challenge the odds as he leaves civilisation behind and enters a savage, untamed wilderness.

While this may look like paradise at first glance, he’s certain to get more than he bargained for on this journey of insanity.

While I’m not a fan of Christopher Mintz-Plasse real life counterpart of Vass looks convincing in appearance and behaviour. Let the show begin.

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Posts: 233

Hahahhaa, This is incredible - 'I'm a f****** survivor' and then running away from water <- a friend of mine did both on one of our hiking trips, a few hours apart of course. I feel like my life is being watched.

Posts: 1548

Kick-Ass was good but still that actor pisses me off a bit.

Posts: 223

Haha that looks awesome! Kick-Ass is one of my favourite comic book movies