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Ido, Lestallum, and More of FFXV's Continent

By drcoolio34511-08-2015

Final Fantasy XV, the kajillon dollar game that it's proving to be, is showing off just how big its open world really is. Earlier on, we were shown that FFXV's world is big enough to need a car to get around and vast enough to warrant filling with bustling cities and camps, but since then more and more content has been shown off.

One of these cities, Lestallum, is based off of Cuba and filled with busy NPCs walking around its plazas. Being a JRPG, there's sure to be countless sidequests, missions, and bounty missions to collect on.

More than just cities, there are dungeons to navigate through, the underground type like Ido pictured above and others to come as well. There's more to come, but these are the screenshots we have for now. More info and screenshots will undoubtedly be coming soon, and all the news will be here on Pixel Judge when they do.

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Gotta' admit, Squeenix are actually putting the effort into being a contender for graphical benchmark this time