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By Bobfish20-11-2013

Trailer time, c'mon, grab your friends...and lock them in a dungeon with lots of monsters so they have to fight for survival and slaughter their way back to the surface because, sod it, why the hell not? It's Adventure Time. For a while there, it looked like this was going to be a console exclusive, but rest assured, it's there on the Steams. Though none of the trailers thus far have mentioned anything to do with a PC release, which is curious. It doesn't help that Namco are not so well known for their PC support. Though that does seem to be changing of late, which is definitely a good thing in my books.

Anyway, Adventure Time, the trailer. Well, it's a trailer, it's about Adventure Time and you should watch it because I bleedin' well said so okay?! Just be warned, despite the fact it promises you can play as all your favourite characters, and even includes the recent arrival of Flame Princess...there's no Lady Rainicorn.


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