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iD RAGEs on About Incoming Mod Tools

By siegarettes25-10-2012

Via John Carmack's Twitter, the news has dropped that the RAGE tools will be coming "Real Soon Now". Apparently work on the Big Fucking Mess, er Gun, edition of Doom 3 delayed the tool's arrival.

This news comes of course on the heels of the announcement that the original version of Doom 3 is no longer available for purchase on Steam, leaving you with only the option to purchase the BFG edition, which no longer supports mods due to its use of iDTech 5 technology as its base.

On top of the fact that the BFG edition improves on very little, especially compared to some of the mods for the original, AND costs 10 USD more than the original, I think we can agree with Carmack when he says "I think we have made poor decisions on this all year. "


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