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Iceberg Give Us – Star Lords

By Mokman07-12-2013

As you may have astutely guessed from the name, Iceberg Interactive has launched a space game, a 4x space empire game to be precise – Star Lords. Why is this exciting news? Well, they're the publishers behind gems such as Endless Space and Gemini Wars...but unfortunately also the publishers behind no so great Horizon. So this really is a toss-up between wondrous anticipation and creeping dread.

Expectations aside, the game is available on Steam's Early Access program, for those brave souls willing to take the risk. It is being developed by previously unknown Portuguese developer Arkavi Studios, and offers "many features that fans of the genre know and love, including a large universe to explore, deep and complex gameplay, customization options, and much more". Unfortunately, nothing in the press release manages to convey anything concrete about the game just yet, other than the normal 4x strategy features such as differing races, economic and political options, and generals. The publishers state that the Early Access will shape the eventual future of the final product itself.

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