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I Bring You The EVEulus Rift

By Bobfish28-04-2013

PCGamer, reports that EVE Fanfest 2013 had a showcase for an upcoming EVE dogfighter game. Built specifically for the Oculus Rift. One twitch-twitch minor factual irritation aside (EVE doesn't have fighter craft, they're called frigates) this is a truly fascinating turn of events. I've been extremely sceptical about the Rift right from the outset, having been there through the Virtual Reality craze of the 80s, so it's going to take a hell of a lot to convince me to try it again. And this just did. Joe Lander, speaking in interview shortly before Mister Senior's maiden voyage, had the following to say;

"God knows what we'll do with this. This came out of the blue. This is a bunch of guys in their spare time, basically last year we saw what Oculus were doing on Kickstarter and we as a company threw in a load of money. If you invested to a certain level you got a load of devkits. Really, really quickly they got this networked-up dogfighting game. They just came along one evening and said 'can you have a look at this?' I took a look at it and was like...'fucking hell, guys. This is amazing!'"

It was put together in only six weeks by people working '20% time' which is what CCP call time allocated for their staff to work on side projects of their choosing. At the moment it's a standalone, 6x6 battle arena which uses assets from EVE Unity, but does not currently, nor is presently planned to connect to the Tranquility server. So keep those plans of flying your frigate down, first person, to conduct a bombing run for your Corpmates on Dust on the back burner. This is very early days, being shown at EVE Fanfest mostly because, well, because they could. Read the full story at the link above and keep a close eye on this one. We'll update you with more as soon as we hear it. Until then, leave your comments below so I know which of you filthy Amarr dogs will be tasting auto-cannon death from my Rifter.

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