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I am Turok! Hear Me Roar

By Bobfish29-08-2015

Turok is coming to Steam.

Don't worry though, it's the good one(s). The first and second are getting an update with all the usual shenanigans. Updated texture quality and "other" improvements. Those aren't clear as yet, but will likely take the place of bug fixes and tweaks to make them run correctly on modern hardware and software. Judging from the images, they're not messing with it a whole hell of a lot, but that's no bad thing, because the Turok games are pretty darn awesome to begin with. And if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

There's no set date yet either, but we can confirm that there will be several retailer options, which includes the obligatory Steam and GOG versions, but also Humble, GamersGate (not the hashtag) and Night Drive's own online distribution platform...which makes the "exclusively available" comment a little silly, but hey, it sounds good to say that.

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