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Humblefine Bundle Time

By Bobfish07-05-2013

Those lovely people at the Humble Bundle and Double Fine have come together in a mighty meeting of the minds. I was quite disappointed after Humble stopped doing the weekly bundles, but felt confident they'd come through with their promise of something even bigger. And boy oh boy did they ever! For the next two weeks you can, at a price you choose, claim Costume Quest, Psychonauts and Stacking. Or by paying above the average, which currently stands at a paltry $8/£5.70ish, add Brutal Legend to the list.

But wait, it doesn't end there. You know Broken Age? The upcoming, crowd funded new title by the (Double) fine devs? For $35 (approximately £23) you can throw that into the mix too. But even that isn't everything. For a more generous $70/£50 you can bag yourself a really snazzy Double Fine T-shirt as well, with a choice of red-on-black or black-on-cream. That's quite a haul on offer there, wouldn't you agree?

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Well, it's running for two weeks. I might just splash out enough for Broken Age

Posts: 207

Why? Why must Humble and Double Fine torment me in my moments of poverty?

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Saw this on GOG earlier. Only had Psychonauts but Brutal Legend at that price, when it went on sale at Green Man Gaming earlier this morning, at 50% off, was an instantaneous buy for me with the other Double Fine titles I've been meaning to pick up on GOG.