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THQ Bundle Nets Troubled Publisher A Stock Boost

By Leigh Cobb03-12-2012

Poor THQ has been in bad shape recently. Like that one, faithful friend who just can't catch a break, despite putting out some brilliant games. Then along comes the newest Humble Bundle, doing its bit to help pull THQ out of trouble.

Games Industry is reporting a 40% rise in THQ's stock in the wake of the 'pay-what-you-want' bundle, offering gamers 6 games (7 if they pay over the average). This is undoubtedly a good thing for THQ and, although the direct amount of money the ailing publisher is likely to raise from the bundle is small change for a major games company, it is the stock increase which matters most. THQ's stocks were at $1.07 before the bundle, they reached a high of $1.60 after. Considering at the start of November, THQ's stock had fallen 80% over the year, I guess every little helps. Even THQ's own CEO, Brian Farrell, paid $1650 for his own company's bundle, stating that all his money "was 100 per cent charity".

THQ has Company of Heroes 2 and Metro: Last Light coming out early next year, I imagine the bundle has also raised significant awareness for their brands. There's still 9 days left, go and buy it to pick up 7 great games!


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