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Humble Double Fine Reaches Dramatic Amount of Dosh

By Mokman15-05-2013

The Humble Bundle has been doing extremely well for itself these past few years, managing to amass a ridiculous amount of funding for various charities and such-like, thanks to the goodwill of the gaming community. Thus, it is unsurprising that more and more companies are turning their games over to the Humble Bundle experience, and bundling them off for the sake of charity, and perhaps, a tiny profit. Double Fine has done so, gracing us with the Humble Double Fine Bundle. What's more, it's hit a grand total of... more than a million dollars. *cue dramatic thunder* Of this insane amount of money, most of it is headed to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, or to Child's Play Charity.

As for the bundle itself? For a cheap price of well... anything, you can get your hands on critically acclaimed game, Psychonauts, as well as recent offerings such as Costume Quest and Stacking. Just a bit more, with reaching the average, you'll be able to get Brutal Legend, a rockin' action-adventure-RTS about heavy metal. $35 will grant you backer access to the upcoming Double Fine Adventure on Kickstarter, Broken Age, and last but not least, $70 or more will get you a T-Shirt. Yep. One whole T-Shirt.

Probably not even used.

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Posts: 3290

Those t-shirts actually look pretty snazzy don't they

Posts: 123

If only I had $70 to spare...