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Humble Bundles Every Day for Two Weeks

By zethalee15-05-2014

Not so recently, the team behind the Humble series of charity game sales introduced weekly bundles, where developers can package their older releases in addition to some scrapped products and upcoming ones for a nominal fee, some of which, naturally, goes to charity. Then, a bit over a week and a half ago, they also decided that it was time for a spring sale in their store, as many digital sellers are meant to do this time of year. And now, finally, we get two solid weeks of bundles, all of which are specially prepared for this event.

Writing in a blog post, the team liken themselves to juiced up used car salesmen, except instead of an automobile from the early 80s that smells of moldy cigarettes and disappointment, we get loads of games. Though it's been a few months since the previous Humble Bundle (number 11, for those keeping score at home), this should prove worthy enough to tide over anyone willing to put out a reasonable amount of money for games and charity.


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