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Humans Must Answer – With Guns

By Bis18marck7021-01-2013

In today's world were most consumers have grown up accustomed to 3D worlds and environments in videogames, it probably is not bad to remind ourselves that only a decade ago, 2D games were an actual thing. Back then, games could be hard, like really hard to the point where nowadays the army of little CoD obsessed teenagers would call them 'unfair, stupid and boring'. Having been pampered with games that never really challenged you to the point where victory became nigh-impossible unless you refined your tactics, movement and aim with the uttermost precision, today's gaming world pales in comparison to the time in which completing certain games was an achievement you could chisel into your gravestone.

Back in the East things are still different and the world of 2D Space shooters very much alive with difficulty settings that would knock most of us out cold. 'Humans Must Answer' is one of the upcoming titles in this genre and it does deserve some attention because this little thing could become fun to play in various ways.  It doesn't yet look as monstrous hard as some of its counter-parts, yet the ammo mechanic, weapon-interactivity and upgrades do look rather neat - nothing like giving your harbingers of death a personified touch.

So if you are interested, check out SUMOM Games site and check out their various developer blog videos. Apart from their humourous monologues, you'll get an idea of the game and see how good it actually looks.

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I like this type of games up until I play them...then I get frustrated because I'm bad at them :D