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Humanity Matters, Even After the Apocalypse

By MrJenssen11-02-2014

Techland's games have a tendency of being a little too ambitious for their own good. They often end up a little less good than the early promises and even footage shows. It was certainly the case for Dead Island. Luckily, the footage we've seen so far from the upcoming Dying Light, which has been playable at multiple gaming conventions throughout much of last year, has supposedly been mostly impressive.

...but in today's industry, gameplay footage apparently doesn't sell games. So here's another arbitrary, cheesy, cliché non-gameplay trailer about how we mustn't lose our humanity and yada yada. Don't get me wrong, I'm genuinely excited for the game itself, like many others. But am I really the only one getting a distinct feeling of fatigue towards trailers that essentially end up having nothing to do with the games themselves? They cost tons to make, and really shouldn't realistically make anyone more excited. We all know we're not getting this.

But hey. Can't fight the man. He knows what he's doing, apparently. At least the trailer is somewhat enjoyable, if very cheesy.

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